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Journalism and Communications

Focus the Nation: Focus the Class -- January 31, 2008, and beyond

Stephen H. Schneider, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
"Mediarology" -- Includes:
• The Science Advocate •
• The Science Popularizer •
• Environmental Literacy •
• Responsible Reporting •
• The Roles of Citizens, Journalists and Scientists •
Stephen Schneider's Home Page
Supporting, Involved in Many Education Projects

Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist
Ross Gelbspan's Website

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Heat: View it on-line (2 hrs)
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An investigation into one of the greatest
crises humankind has ever faced.
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Journalism Students: Guidelines   Martin Smith

Hot Politics -- 2007
Examining the politics behind the
U.S. government's failure to act
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Climate Ark -- News Articles
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Democracy Now
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The New York Times
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Global Warming & Forests   Oceans   Deserts

Global Warming What You Need to Know -- With Tom Brokaw     
The Discovery Channel Video Highlights Gallery    About the Program
Climate Change History    Hot Spots Slideshow
Signs and Sources Interactive
What You Can Do
Co-Produced by BBC and NBC

Journalism Topics

Balance as Bias: Global Warming and the US Prestige Press (12 pg pdf)
Maxwell and Jules Boykoff, Elsevier, 2004

Media’s Social Construction of Environmental Issues: Focus on Global Warming
(32 page pdf)  Dispensa, Jaclyn, and Brulle, Robert J,
International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy Vol. 23, (10) 74-105, 2003

Thank you, Dr. Kari Marie Norgaard, for the recommended resources

News Articles

American Sociological Association
Section on Environment & Technology

Sociology of the Media -- Course Specific Sources
Resources for Climate Change Teach-in
Edited by Dr. Kari Marie Norgaard, Whitman College

Communications Studies Topics

The Rhetoric of An Inconvenient Truth
Paper #1: Reaction to An Inconvenient Truth (with sample graded papers)
Pro and Anti An Inconvenient Truth websites and articles
Paper #2: An Inconvenient Truth Reconsidered (with sample graded papers)

First taught by Steven Marx, English Professor, Cal Poly, SLO

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