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NCAR/University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Boulder, Colorado, US
General Description of Graduate Programs in Atmospheric Science

General Description of Undergraduate Programs in Atmospheric Science
Disciplines in Atmospheric Science

UCAR: Careers in Atmospheric Science
Boulder, Colorado, US

What are early career scientists doing? Examples.

SOARS -- Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science

Four year summer research internship program at NCAR
Protégé Overview
Summer Research
Leadership Training

Advanced Study Program -- NCAR/UCAR
Program dedicated to encouraging the development of early-career
scientists in fields related to atmospheric science,
while helping toorganize new science initiatives.
Graduate Student Visitors Program
Career Opportunities

Atmospheric Sciences at University of California, Davis
Air Quality   Biometeorology and Micrometeorology
Boundary-layer & Mesoscale Meteor'gy   Large-scale & Climate Dynamics
Graduate Group

UC Davis' Department of Atmospheric Sciences
at California's Annual Climate Conference

Part of Department of Land, Air and Water Resources


Global Warming Projections and Hurricanes Activity
NOAA, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
Research finds evidence tropical cyclones have climate-control role
Purdue University News Service

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