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Focus the Nation: Focus the Class -- January 31, 2008, and beyond

A Closer Look at Business Education
Business Schools and Climate Change (4 pg pdf)
Aspen Institute

Union of Concerned Scientists: Business
ExxonMobil's Tobacco-like Disinformation Campaign
Setting a target for US emissions
Regional cap-and-trade programs
Cap-and-trade backgrounder

Statement by Leading Economists

Focus the Nation
Business Parters

Stanford University
The MBA's Climate Change Primer  (6pg pdf)

Understanding Climate Change
Rotary Based
Working with Education Institutions on
Climate Change for over 17 years

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)

Business Programs & Policies
Call to Action on Global Climate Change
  By PG&E CEO, Peter A. Darbee (12 pg pdf)
Climate Change
Providing Clean Energy
Energy Efficiency
San Francisco -- "Let's Green This City"
Environmental Leadership Brochure (pdf)
Solar Energy
Solar Habitat

Flex Your Power
California's Statewide energy efficiency marketing and outreach program

Flex Your Power Awards:
A Who's Who List of Leaders in Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Protection in California
2005 Awards
2004 Awards
2003 Awards
5th Annual Awards

Clif Bar

What We're Doing
Environment Partners in Sustainability
Reduce Your Ecological Footprint
Organic Ingredients
Green Business Practices

Dominican University Green MBA
Master of Business Administration degree in Sustainable Enterprise in San Francisco Bay Area
Special Events

Exxon Secrets
How Exxon Funds Global Warming Denial

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