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Melting of Poles
NASA Goddard

Interactive: Biodiversity,
Earth's History


Wildlife Populations
Live Polar Bear Tracker
Climate Change Impacts on Ecosystems: Penguins and Tiger -- Koshland Science Museum
Polar Bears - Model adventure camp --

Biomes, Habitat
How is Wildlife Affected by Global Warming? -- backgrounder
Impact of Global Warming, Sea Level Rise, on Aquatic Biomes -- Koshland Science Museum
Global Warming and Polar Adaptations-- National Geographic curriculum - lessons

Cycles of Matter: Carbon Sequestration in Nature
Photosynthesis and cell respiration (It's OK to breathe) - High School curriculum
Terrestrial Sequestration -- HS curriculum
Carbon dioxide sink -- Wikipedia
How to measure a tree's carbon content -- lessons, labs

Warming to evolution
-- UC Berkeley's links to teacher resources, lessons
Ancient fossils and modern climate change: The work of Jennifer McElwain -- lesson from UC Museum of Paleontology


More Biology &
Climate Change Topics

Biodiversity and Climate Change
Multimedia animation -- Educapoles


Great Portal Websites
For Teachers and Students
Rainforests      Oceans
By Ecological Internet


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