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Focus the Nation: Focus the Class -- January 31, 2008, and beyond

Student Involvement
Boalt Hall's environmental law students are activists both on campus and off

Scott Zimmerman, 3rd Year Law Student
KyotoUSA letter (Word doc)

Policy and Law
Environmental and Technology Policies for Climate Mitigation  (55 pg pdf)
Carolyn Fischer and Richard G. Newell

Perception & Valuation of the Risks of Clim. Change: A Rational & Behavioral Blend
W. Kip Viscusi, Harvard Law (Word doc)
Climate Change Challenges: Legal Responses to Environmental Disasters
New England School of Law (109 page pdf)

Boalt Hall -- School of Law
News: California-EPA Suit Could Affect Climate Change Policy
Boalt School of Law --Courses in Environmental Law
Environmental Law Society
California and the Future of Environmental Law & Policy
Conference --April 10-11

Earth Justice
Because the Earth Deseves a Good Lawyer 
Global Warming
Coal    Energy Efficiency
State and Regional Work   National
Wildlife   Arctic

Climate Law
Enforcing Climate Change Law
Home    News     Journal Articles
Cases by country    Cases by topic

Exxon Secrets
How Exxon Funds Global Warming Denial

Harvard Law School
Center for the Environment
United States Climate Policies

University of San Diego School of Law
Climate Change Lecture Series (with streaming video)
Energy Policy Initiatives Center

California Air Resources Board
Climate Change

Scientific American
Climate Change and the Law (Extended edition)
by Jeffrey D. Sachs, November 2007

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