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Greenhouse Gases
Earth Guide
UC San Diego

Melting of Poles
NASA Goddard


Risks of Global Warming
Simulating Effects of Global Warming on Complex Ecological Networks (PDF) - A New Approach to Ecological Risk Assessment
Ocean Productivity (PPT)
Effects of Global Warming on the Oceans

Ecology and Education
K-12: Ecosystem and Climate Change (PPT)
W ith Assessment
Virtual Expedition to Alaska:
Long Term Climate Change

Union of Concerned Scientists: Ecology
Impacts on Aquatic Ecosystems (Great Lakes)
Protecting Threatened Forests

Biodiversity and Climate Change
Multimedia animation -- Educapoles

UNEP -- GRID Adrenal -- Climate Graphics
Excellent graphics for presentations, class, student reports
Introduction to Climate Change
Observed Climate Trends
Potential Impacts of Climate Change

Recommended by Karen Nyhus at San Francisco State University

Stanford University -- School of Earth Sciences
Energy and Environment Public Lecture Series

Videos and PDF's
Graphics Very Helpful for Teach in and Class Presentations

The Big Melt -- Lessons of the Arctic Summer of 2007
David Sprat, Carbon Equity (25 page pdf)
Emissions trajectories; Loss of ice sheets; Projected Sea Level Rise; Speed of impact

Recommended by Karen Nyhus at San Francisco State University

National Academy of Sciences
Understanding and Responding to Climate Change (24 pg pdf)
Climate Change Topics  (Publications on each)
Board of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate -- Reports

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K12 Ecology


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