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Focus the Nation: Focus the Class -- January 31, 2008, and beyond

Greenhouse Gasses
Structure of Greenhouse Gasses 
 (Beloit /UC Berkeley animations)

Chemical Bonds:
What makes CO2 a greenhouse gases,
while O2 and N2 aren't?

Mole Ratios:
CO2 Levels in Vostok Ice Core Samples

How Much Carbon are you putting in the atmosphere?
Your Carbon Diet -- NOVA Video

Isotope Ratios: A detectives tool in tracing Earth's Atmospheric History
Past Climates & Oxy Isotopes --Iceland
Isotopes of Oxygen--UCSD
Isotopes of Carbon -- Reference
Abrupt Climate Change --PNAS

pH Levels:
Acidity of Earth's Oceans are changing
Article for teachers & journalists --AGU
Royal Society (68 pg pdf)
San Diego Union Tribune

Fuel Cells
What makes fuel cells go?
Fuel Cells -- NOVA Video
The Hydrogen Car -- NOVA Video

Which chemistry students will:
• Design even more efficient solar cells?
• Develop a new generation of fuel cells?
• Help save thousands of species?
• Help save millions of human lives?
• Win the Nobel Prize?

Ice Core Samples -- Chemists Needed
Australian Antarctic Division
Obtaining Info from Samples
Long Term Trends-- GHG's over
  tens of thousands of years

The Earth's Carbon Cycle
Carbon Cycle -- Norton Tutorial 4.7
Jpeg Diagram--WGBH/Teacher's Domain

Atmospheric Chemistry
Does the Sun Affect Atmos'c Chemistry?
  --Australian Ant. Div
Airborne Aerosols (satellite data)

CO2 and Infrared Radiation
CO2 Animations and IR -- Widener U., PA.
Animations -- Infrared Absorbtion
   (Choose media at bottom of page)

Too Much CO2 in the Air
What are sources of GHG Emissions?
When does CO2 become a pollutant?
   -- Environmental Chemistry
CO2 Concentrations at Mauna Loa Observ

Atmospheric Temperature
The relation of CO2 and Temperature
  --Video: WGBH/Teacher's Domain
Molecules in Motion -- Java Tool

Ozone and Global Warming
What does ozone have to do with climate

Can CO2 be a pollutant?
Global Warming and CO2 -- Nova video
How Much CO2 is in the Atmosphere?
How CO2 acidification affects coral reefs

Other Greenhouse Gases
Chlorofluorocarbons-- Enviropedia

Spin-Off Science from Climate Research
Atmospheric Oxygen and Climate Chng
  --Carnegie Institute and NASA

Organic Chemistry -- Biofuels
Introduction to the Synthesis of Bio-fuels
Biodeisel: Food or fuel? Lesson Plan
Methane Mitigation Lab

Organic Chemistry -- Petroleum and Coal: Amazing resources. Hundreds of millions of years in the making. Is their best use to burn them -- then gone for ever? Are there alternatives?

More great resources and topics for classes and student projects:
Great Chemistry Related FAQ's
   CO2 Info Analysis Center
Greenhouse Gases -- Academic Kids

Student Research Topic:
How ocean salinity helps drive the warming of Western Europe? -- Why is the UK, for example, currently much warmer than Alaska, but at the same latitude?

Teacher Domain/PBS Resources
Climate Index
WaterCycle All Index

Exploring Windmill Design --Go PBS Video
Windmills: Putting Energy to Work --Lesson
Global Warming-Graph tells the story
Snapshot of US Energy Use
Energy Production
Global Warming: Beyond Fossil Fuels

Earth System:Drought and Air Quality

Antarctic Ice: Sea Level Change
Arctic Climate Perspectives
Climate Change
Earth System: Ice and Global Warming

NASA -- Chemistry
Atmospheric Composition
The Carbon Cycle
Carbon Management
Detection of CO2 (Experiment)
Methane: From Obscurity to Climate Super-Stardom

Atmospheric Burning and Global Change

Nat'l Center for Atmospheric Research
The Greenhouse Effect:
animation of CO2 absorbing and radiating infrared

How Greenhouse Gases Work

Where in the World is CO2? (With Experiment)
How Much CO2 is in the Atmosphere?
What does ozone have to do with Climate Change?
The Carbon Cycle Game
Global Change Instruction Program (Home)
Global BioGeoCHEMICAL Cycles

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