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Health and Medicine

Changing Planet, Changing Health
How the Climate Crises Threatens our Health
& What We Can Do About It

by Paul Epstein, MD & Dan Ferber
Published by University of California Press   

Major Medical and Health Education & Research Institutions

International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change
Multiple Programs, Reports and Conferences
IHDP: a joint programme of the International Council for Science (ICSU), UNESCO's International Social Science Council (ISSC), and the United Nations University (UNU).

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Public Health Improvements Key to Adapting to Climate Change Risks

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Centre on Global Change and Health

WHO -- Regional Office for Europe
Global change and health

Harvard Center for Health and the Global Environment
Home Page
Climate Change Futures
Full Climate Futures Report (142 page pdf)
Harvard Medical School

Health Canada / Santé Canada
Climate Change and Health   Les changements climatiques et la santé
Assessing the Health Risks   Évaluation des risques
Adapting to the Health Impacts   Adaptation aux effets
Knowledge, Research, Results   
Connaissances, résultats de recherche et partenariats

 World Health Organization
Main Page: Global Environmental Change
Climate Change and Human Health
Climate Change and Health fact sheet
Climate Terminology for Health Practitioners
Statement by WHO Director Gen. Margaret Chan on World Enviro Day
Comparative Risk Assessment of the
  Burden of Disease from Climate Change (7 pg pdf)
Climate Change and Developing-Country Cities:
  Implications For Environmental Health and Equity
International experts discuss health threats due to Clim. Change in Asia
Global climate change: implications for international public health policy
Ecosystems and Health
WHO Climate Change and Health Programme Activities

Global Warming and Your Health
Main Article
Death Rates Will Rise Because Of Global Warming, Researchers Warn
Children At Increased Risk From Effects Of Global Climate Change, Report Says
Climate Change To Bring A Wave Of New Health Risks
Indonesia At Risk: Climate Change Threatens People And Nature
European Heat Waves Double In Length Since 1880
Future Heat Waves: More Severe, More Frequent And Longer Lasting
Heat Dangers Forgotten In The Battle Against Air Pollution
Climate Change May Increase Heat-related Deaths By 2050s, Says Study
Science Daily
-- Recommended to fellow educators by a professor in the field of medicine,
  an FTN participant.

Union of Concerned Scientists: Health and Medicine
Impacts on Health and Well-Being -- Great Lakes Region
Extreme Heat in Our Cities -- Northeast
Impacts on Health -- California
Ozone Alert -- California video

Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist
Ross Gelbspan's Website

Articles on Disease and Climate Change

Climate Change and Human Health
US federal research on
possible human health effects

Encyclopedia of Earth: Climate Change Collection

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