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University of California, Berkeley
College of Chemistry

Atmospheric Chemistry
C182 -- Spring -- Undergraduate --3 Units
Listings for Cal Enviro Related Courses can be found on
Berkeley Institute of the Environment's Website

University of Colorado at Boulder
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Analytical and Environmental Chemistry Courses

University and College Chemistry Courses Worldwide
on Climate Change, Global Warming and Solutions:

University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
Chem 541: Atmospheric Chemistry
Dr. Jianzhen YU and Dr. Song GAO Instructors

University of Bern, Switzerland
Graduate School of Climate Sciences

Dalhouise University -- Atmospheric Science

Oakland University, Rochester Michigan
CHM 300 Chemistry and Society

Harvard University
Center for the Environment
Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Rice University, Texas
Department of Chemistry
Ronald Sass
(part of IPCC)

More Courses
University of Colorado

USGCRIO Web Listings for
Higher Ed Courses Related to Climate Change

For Chemistry or Chemical Engineering: None Listed/

University Level Chemistry


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