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Extreme Ice
NOVA/Nat'l Geographic

Dimming the Sun

Discovery Channel WhatYou Need to Know, With Tom Brokaw

Earth: An Operators Manual    
PBS: First broadcast April 10, 2011
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Nova: Power Surge    
First broadcast: April 20, 2011 -- View Preview
Can emerging technology defeat global warming? Are we finally on the brink
of a green-energy "power surge," or is it all a case of too little, too late?

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An investigation into one of the greatest
crises humankind has ever faced.
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ABC News   Earth 2100
Is this the Final Century for Our Civilization?
Aired in United States on ABC June 2, 2009
Amazing program, looking into the future.   
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NOVA: Extreme Ice
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What if we allow global warming to melt the earth's ice?
Sea Level rise:  If 17 feet   If 170 feet
Maps of:   U.S. East Coast   Europe   Southeast Asia

Planet Green TV    
Planet Green is the first and only 24-hour
eco-lifestyle television network in the U.S.

Featuring fine films and shows on climate change
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NOVA: The Big Energy Gamble
Can California's Ambitious Plan to
Cut Greenhouse Gases Actually Succeed?

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Discovery Channel -- What You Need to Know, With Tom Brokaw
The Discovery Channel

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Originally Aired July 2006. Co-produced with BBC and NBC.

PBS Special: Arctic Bears
U.S. TV broadcast, for instance, in July 2009
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The Arctic environment is in flux - and so is the polar bear's fate.
The Melting Arctic's Impact on Its Ecosystem
Video: Polar Bears Make a Difficult Decision
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NOVA: Saved by the Sun
Is it Time to Take Solar Energy Seriously?
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NOVA: The Car of the Future
"Car Talk" Guys Search for Fuel Efficient Vehicles
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More California TV, Films

University of California San Diego TV
Great Programs on Climate Change:
Including: Global Warming &
Climate Science -- at Scripps

Many Available on the internet

Hot Politics -- 2007
Examining the politics behind the
U.S. government's failure to act
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PBS -- Public Television
NOVA / Frontline

Worldwide Events
10's of millions viewers
Science museums joined in.

Planet in Peril -- first aired on CNN Oct 23 & 24, 2007    Now on iTune and DVD

HBO TV: Too Hot Not to Handle -- Resources
Teachers Encouraged to Use Video in Your Classrooms.

Created by science center docents and students, staff & scientists at UC Berkeley