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Film Director
Franny Armstrong

Age of Stupid
North American
Theater Premier:
Who Was There
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We cannot recommend
The Age of Stupid
for K-12 schools,
as the director has been
making scientifically
false claims in
publicity statements --
specifically that
IPCC scientists
project the extinction of
the human species by
2055 due to
climate change.
The film also
makes this claim.
The projections are bad
enough without having to
resort to such
alarming statements.

Available Now on DVD
With "Who Killed
the Electric Car?"

Carbon Nation    
A climate change solutions movie
About    Theater Schedule    DVD -- May 3, 2011
Released February 2011

A Sea Change -- Imagine a World Without Fish

Available Internationally: Screening locations & times
Carbon emissions injecting acid into our oceans
Distributor: Bull Frog Films   Sales: Films Transit

U.S. West Coast Premier Co-Sponsored by

A NOAA/NASA Science on a Sphere Presentation,
at Science Centers and Museums Internationally

We are currently checking with NOAA and NASA to locate a web source for a
list of SOAS locations
running Frozen --
providing dates and showtimes.

SFIFF and Climate Change Education .Org
presented for 2009 :

Age of Stupid [North American Premier]
A Sea Change [West Coast Debut]

International Release of The Age of Stupid
September 21 and 22:

Reviews by Climate Scientists: Schneider  Wehner
Description of Film by Climate Graduate Students: 1  2
Recommendations to teachers and artists.
   The Age Of Stupid -- Starring Pete Postlethwaite

North American Premier
San Francisco Film Festival:

Who Was There
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Coming soon to:


   About The Age Of Stupid:   Video Clips   Trailers    Synopsis   Pete

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