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U.S. / North American Theater Premier
San Francisco International Film Festival
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North American Theater Premier:
May 2009,
San Francisco
Who Was There

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Age of Stupid
Stephen Schneider
Michael Wehner
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Film Director
Franny Armstrong
in discussion with
educators after special
screening for schools
May 4, 2009

We worked to assure that not only would the theaters be filled, but that representatives were there from
key segments of the climate change community.
This was the chance to see the film in advance;
to share comments and prepare for the international release.
Climate Scientists, Experts
Invited by
There to see the film, how it portrays Earth's climate future.

Union of Concerned Scientists

Woods Institute
UC Davis, Atmospheric Studies
UC Davis, Land Air Water R.
Lawrence Berkeley Nat'l Labs
UC San Diego
UC Berkeley

Science Museum Staff and Volunteers

California Academy of Sciences
Climate Change Education .Org
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Lawrence Hall of Science

There by invitation from ClimateChangeEducation.Org and Film Festival
NGO's /Community Orgs.

Ecology Center
Global Warming California .Net
World Wildlife Fund
Sierra Club

Kyoto USA
Focus the Nation

Global Warming Kids .Net
Toast Busters (Older Kids)
Alliance for Climate Protection

There by invitation from ClimateChangeEducation.Org and Film Festival
State of California Programs

Calif Climate Champions
Air Resources Board

Flex Your Power
Cal Energy Commission
Cool California

Many of the individuals, organizations, and agencies above
come together at this annual conference.

Two films on climate change, co-presented by
SFIFF and Climate Change Education .Org,
in May of 2009:

Age of Stupid [North American Premier]
A Sea Change [West Coast Debut]

The U.S. Theater Premier -- May 2009:
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