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Academy Award Winner
Available Now on DVD
With "Who Killed
the Electric Car?"

The Great Warming

Watch the theatrical trailer.. Being released now in American cities.

The Day After Tomorrow

Fiction - see the trailer.
Scientists discuss the film:
 Union of Concerned Scientists
 Ocean and Climate Change Institute
 Pew Center on Global Climate Change

Hippoworks: Simon Says "Let's Stop Climate Change"   
DVD -- Fantastic for Kids, Families & Elementary Schools

A Sea Change -- Imagine a World Without Fish

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Available Internationally: Screening locations & times
Carbon emissions injecting acid into our oceans
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Since 1983, providing educational media and documentary programming on critical
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Documentary on Renewable, Clean Energy Technologies
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Carbon Nation    
A climate change solutions movie
About    Theater Schedule    DVD -- May 3, 2011
Released February 2011

No Impact Man
Can you save the planet without driving you family crazy?

No Impact Year

The 11th Hour
Leonardo DiCaprio
"Turn Mankind's Darkest Hour
Into its Finest"

Arctic Tale
From the makers of
March of the Penguins.
A polar bear family and
Seela, the walrus, face a melting world.

The Age of Stupid
Reviews by Climate Scientists: Schneider  Wehner
Description of Film by Climate Graduate Students: 1  2
Recommendations to teachers and artists.

   The Age Of Stupid -- Starring Pete Postlethwaite
Regrettably, we can NOT recommend this film for K12 schools.
The film producer and director are have been making marketing pitches
with inaccurate claims about what the IPCC projects for Earth by the year 2055.

For university level and general (adult) audiences: We do feel that
this film is well worth seeing, but being clear about these flaws.

U.S. Theater Premier
San Francisco Film Festival:

Release in:


   On the The Age Of Stupid website:  Video Clips   Trailers   Synopsis   Science   Pete

The Great Warming

PBS -- Public Television
NOVA / Frontline

Bullfrog Films
Climate change DVDs brochure available online: download 2-page pdf
Special rates for student and grassroots activist groups.

Discovery Channel -- What You Need to Know, With Tom Brokaw     
The Discovery Channel

Planet in Peril -- first aired on CNN Oct 23 & 24, 2007    Now on iTune and DVD

Who Killed the Electric Car?
Why did oil companies fight so hard to stop funding of public charging stations? Why did Mobil take out full-page national newspaper ads critiquing the merits of electric cars? Why did oil industry lobbyists pressure legislators? Electric cars may not have been a short-term threat, but if they caught on, they certainly could have become one. See the trailer.
March of the Penguins
See the trailer. Academy Award Best Documentary. Narrated by Morgan Freeman. Great for kids, families, the classroom. The DVD has extra material more explicit on Global Warming

Fiction. The first movie to offset its own greenhouse emissions by investing in renewable energy; trailer of this Academy Award winner starring George Clooney, Matt Damon and Jeffrey Wright.

Matt Fishbach and his Berkeley High School Science Department student artists take it to the streets of Berkeley with promotional posters for "Inconvenient Truth."

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