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Age of Stupid
Stephen Schneider
Michael Wehner
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North American Theater Premier:
May 2009,
San Francisco
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Comments by Stephen H. Schneider on The Age of Stupid:

"The film is essentially a morality play about the disrespect of our present generation for the plight of our children for our political convenience. Although one needn't take the detailed future scenes literally as mainstream projections, please do take seriously the message that our greed and neglect is no gift to our children and grandchildren, to say nothing of the wide diversity of plants and animals that will be driven into extinction and endangerment if we continue on our unsustainable track advocated by the forces of maintaining the status quo."

-- Stephen H. Schneider

Background on Dr. Stephen H. Schneider
World Leading Climate Scientist.
IPCC, Stanford University, Woods Institute
Renowned Advisor in Education,
Media and Film

Two films on climate change, co-presented by
SFIFF and Climate Change Education .Org,
in May of 2009:

Age of Stupid [North American Premier]
A Sea Change [West Coast Debut]

Age of Stupid U.S. Theater Premier -- May 2009:  
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