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U.S. / North American Theater Premier
San Francisco International Film Festival
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North American Theater Premier:
May 2009,
San Francisco
Who Was There

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Age of Stupid
Stephen Schneider
Michael Wehner
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Franny Armstrong as first screening of
film concludes.
Followed byQ&A

Discussion about
involvement of young
people and education.

Film Director in discussion after special screening for educators
Monday May 4, 2009

Two films on climate change, co-presented by
SFIFF and Climate Change Education .Org,
in May of 2009:

Age of Stupid [North American Premier]
A Sea Change [West Coast Debut]

Franny Armstrong describing Not Stupid campaign leading to Copenhagen conference;
Focus on working with elected officials; Film's funding; Making of film.

Theater audience at premier screening. Including numerous scientists, educators,
students, government climate protection programs, NGO's focusing on global warming.
Invitations by ClimateChangeEducation.Org. No press announcements, as requested.
Who was there. First to see the film in North America.

Q & A with Director Franny Armstrong
North American Theater Premier -- Sunday May 3, 2009
A San Francisco International Film Festival and ClimateChangeEducation.Org

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The U.S. Theater Premier  -- May 2009:
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