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Hands-on science
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yet very rarely provided:

• Active participation
• Testing real evidence
• Critical thinking
• Students love to learn.

Environmental and
Body Temperature

Seeing Beyond
Human Eyesight

Climate@ AAAS Family Science Days 2019
Washington, DC -- February 16 and 17

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Bay Area Science Festival
AT&T Park -- SF Giants Baseball Stadium

Hippoworks: Simon Says "Let's Stop Climate Change"

Fantastic for Kids, Families & Schools

   Global Warming, Climate Science Education
Video Collection 

Climate Scientist Intro
to Hippoworks Cartoon

Mythbusters: testing
greenhouse gas warming

Dr. Iain Stewart's demo
of heat trapping effect

Britney Spears (respectful parody)
The Planet is Warming

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We are a team of scientists, engineers, teachers, docents, techs, artists, students and parents.
As volunteers, we develop and present engaging and fun hands-on science demonstrations.
Tens of thousands, young and old, participate in the science labs every year.
Videos of the Mobile Climate Science Labs are now becoming available on-line.
We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.
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