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Focus the Nation: Focus the Class -- January 31, 2008, and beyond

Global Warming Radio Interview
James Gustave Speth, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Union of Concerned Scientists: Agriculture
Impacts on Agriculture -- California
Growing Concern -- California video
Migrating Climates in Your State -- animation
Renewable Energy and Agriculture -- a Natural Fit
Growing Energy on the Farm: Biomass Energy and Agriculture
Public Benefits of Renewable Energy Use
Farming the Wind: Wind Power and Agriculture
Up with the Sun: Solar Energy and Agriculture
Clean Energy Blueprint Benefits Farmers and Rural Economies
Renewable Energy Provisions in the Farm Bill
Recognizing Forests Role in Climate Change

Focus the Nation at Cal Poly,
San Luis Obispo

Campus Wide Teach-in: January 31, 2008
1pm to 2pm: Presentations on Agriculture

Committed Faculty    Detailed Schedule
Green Job Fair and Trade Show
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