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California Climate Change Conference
Photos from 2008 Conference
Sacramento Convention Center -- September 2008
  California Climate Change Conference
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Conference Science Research Presentations

For third year,
exhibits organized by
docents of California's
Science Museums:
At no cost to the state.

Hands-on Science Demos at California Academy of Sciences

Scientists, Educators, Government Agencies,
and Public Outreach
Come Together

Conference Held 1 block from State Capitol

2006 Conference
Keynote Speakers:
Jim Hansen, NASA
Dr. Pachuari, IPCC
Both stressed need for public education,
applauding the work of
this website

These conference webpages are a
NSDL reference:
America's online library for education & research in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics:

Photo Index:
Air Resources Board
Altered State, California and Climate Change
American Assoc. for Advanc't of Science
Animated Cartoons
Bay Area Air Quality Mangm't District
Birch Aquarium at Scripps
Bonfills, Celine (Scientist)
Bostick, Matan (Middle School Student)
Bouten, Darren (Govnr's Cabinet Secretary)
California Academy of Sciences
Calif Climate & Energy Education Catalog
California Energy Commission
California Resources Agency
Calif. Science Teacher's Association
Center for Sustainable Energy, California
Chabot Space and Science Center
Climate Champions
Climate Change 101 (UC Davis)
Climate Change Education. Org
Climate Literacy Project
Cook, Andrea (Scientist and Educator)
Cool California (Footprint Calculator)
Davis Junior High
Dawn Publications
Docents (Museum, Aquarium, Sci Centers)
Earth Under Fire (Gary Braasch)
Education Catalog
Exhibit Coordinators / Volunteers
Feeling the Heat (Aquarium Exhibit)
Flex Your Power
Focus the Nation
Global Imagination
Global Warming Discovery (Science Demo)
Global Systems Science
Governor's Office
Groenen, Danielle (UC Davis)
Hands-on Science
How We Know What We Know About CC
Hippo Works (Animated Cartoons)
K-12 Programs
Kids, Students, Families
Lawrence Berkely Labs
Lawrence Hall of Science
Lawrence Livermore Labs
Los Gatos Research
Magic Planet
Malnor, Carol (Author and Teacher)
Meet Up of Volunteers
National Academy of Sciences
National Center for Atmospheric Research
National Sciences Digital Library
NBC (Television)
Pacific Gas and Electric
Posters Session
Research (Science)
Sacramento Convention Center
Santer, Ben (Scientist)
Scheider, Stephen (Scientist)
Schilla, Annalisa (Scientist, ARB Outreach)
Science Fair Projects
Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Sealey-Frey, Marlene (Energy Education)
Seeds Software (High School Lessons)
Sessions (Science Research Presentations)
State of California Programs
Tech Museum of Innovation
Television News
University of California, Davis
University of California, Press
University of California, San Diego
Union of Concerned Scientists
Westerling, Anthony (Scientist)
World Wildlife Fund
Zmarzly, Debbie (Scientist and Educator)

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Hands-on Science Demonstrations

Magic Planet -- Museum Exhibit

Poster Sessions (Research)

UC Davis: Several Leading Education
and Public Outreach Programs


Chair of Wednesday Afternoon Session
Darren Bouten, Governor's Cabinet Sec'y

Sacramento Convention Center
1 Block from State Capitol

Center for Sustainable Energy

Science Research Presentations

Birch Aquarium
San Diego

Science Fair Projects:
Like Matan Bostick's

Air Resources Board
Education & Outreach

Television, News

Leading Scientists,
Working with Educators

New Animated Cartoons
on Global Warming

K-12 Programs

Science Advisor Resources

Community Programs

School Kids

School Book Authors

Earth Under Fire

Exhibits: Education and Public Outreach

Hands-on Science Demonstrations:
In museums, K12 schools, universities, and teacher trainings
and at conference and large public events

Photos and Page 2008

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