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California Climate Change Conference 2009
Exhibits -- Education and Public Outreach
September 2009 Sacramento, California
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Scientists and Animators:
teamed up at
last year's conference

Birch Aquarium at Scripps

State Programs,
Including: California
Climate Champions

Leading Education Materials, Published in California

Since 1999, volunteers

have been providing
California's :
Science Museums,
K-12 Schools,
Teacher Trainings,
Business Trainings,
Universities, Conferences,
Large Public Events,
State and City Programs
with free
Hands-on Science Demonstrations
on climate change
and solutions.

Involving tens of thousands of Californians personally in the science.

California Fires
Images by NASA

California Academy
of Sciences

LEED Platinum
Green Building
With Major Exhibit:
Altered State
California and
Climate Change

Video: Take Aim
At Climate Change

Sixth Annual Conference/Symposium
6th Annual California Climate Change Research Symposium
Sacramento Convention Center
Tuesday September 8  - Thursday September 10, 2009

Education and Public Outreach on Climate Change and Solutions --
Leading Programs from California and around the world

Below are programs that will be featured.
Program info and links can be found at GlobalWarmingCalifornia.Net

K-12 Programs and Materials
• Seed's Software
• Hippo Works -- animations on global warming.
• UC Davis K-12 Programs   • National Center for Atmospheric Research
• Climate Literacy Project (NOAA, AAAS...)
Dawn Publications: How We Know What We Know About Climate Change
• California Science Teacher's Association
• BAAQMD's New Curriculum for 4th and 5th Grade
• Action for Nature   
• School Projects by Leading Students
• Global Systems Science (Lawrence Hall of Science)
• PG&E's Solar Schools and Energenius Programs

California's Science Centers Museums and Aquariums
On Climate Change and Solutions
• California Academy of Sciences.     • Birch Aqarium at Scripps
• ClimateChangeEducation.Org (hands-on science at multiple museums)
California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE)
• Tech Museum of Innovation     • The Exploratorium

State of California Education and Public Outreach Programs
Air Resources Board (under Cal EPA):
• Climate Champions • Cool California Calculator
• California Energy Commission's Energy Quest.     • Flex Your Power
• Bay Area Air Quality Management District

International Programs -- Excellent Partners for California

University Programs
• UC Davis: Many Leading Outreach and Education Programs
• Focus the Nation     • National Teach-in on Global Warming Solutions
• UC San Diego    • Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
• National Science Digital Library

Science Advisors
• Union of Concerned Scientists     • Lawrence Berkeley Lab
• Lawrence Livermore Lab    • NASA and NOAA
•American Association for the Advancement of Science
• Education Resources by Stephen Schneider (and Terry Root!)

The Science of Global Warming
California Academic Content Standards Aligned
Grades 9-14: Physics, Chemistry, Physical Sciences, Earth Sciences

Content -- with movie clip overview
Flyer (pdf -- see page 7)    Pricing and Ordering
   Seeds Software -- San Diego, California  

National Center for Atmospheric Research
K-12    Undergraduate & Graduate Level    Videos
Conferences    On-line Teacher Training    Tours    More

Feature page on NCAR/UCAR Climate Change
Education and Outreach Programs and Resources

James Hansen of NASA, in opening of 2006 conference keynote speech:
"We must bridge the vast gap between what scientists know
and what the public understands."

Presentations in the main ballroom at the 2006 3rd Annual Conference

Exhibits Logistics
When: The exhibits will be open on Wednesday September 9.
From 10am to 8:30pm
Some select exhibitors will also be available Tuesday and Thursday.

Where: Sacramento Convention Center. East Lobby
Ballroom Level -- Map / Floor Plan     13th and K Streets
Includes 360 degree photos of space used by conference.

Details/Logistics: Coordinate with your contact at

Note on Fees to Exhibitors: If your representatives wish to attend the larger conference,
please have them register as an attendees , paying conference registration fees.
You are not being charged for exhibit space, or to be in the exhibit area.

Exhibitors are responsible of shipping/transportation of materials,
set-up and breakdown of displays.

If you wish to become an exhibitor at next year's conference, write us.

Conference Site: •Registration •Speakers •Posters •Agenda •Accomodations

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