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California Climate Change Conference

4th Annual: September 10-13, 2007
Sacramento, California
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Hands-on science
from California's Museums

Displays of educational materials

sample bottles --
fun teaching tool.

Sessions in main ballroom

Poster Session

Ben Santer
Lawrence Livermore Labs

Images from 2006 Conference
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Fourth Annual Conference **
Science for Managing Climate Change in California:
Vulnerability, Mitigation, and Adaptation

Sacramento Convention Center
Monday, September 10 - Thursday, September 13, 2007

Conference Hosted by: California Energy Commission
Sponsors Include:
California Environmental Protection Agency

California Department of Water Resources
California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE)
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)

**Formerly known as Climate Change Research Conference

Conference Site: •Registration •Speakers •Posters •Agenda •Accomodations

Keynote Speakers:
Larry Goulder (Stanford University)
William Collins (University of California, Berkeley)

Chris Field (Carnegie Institution)

Science Education:

In the main lobby outside Exhibit Hall E,
the conference will feature a booth displaying examples of
education materials on climate change now in use in California,
plus education programs scheduled to debut in 2008.

ClimateChangeEducation.Org will be bringing resources from:
• Science Centers and Museums •
• K 12 school programs •
• University undergraduate programs •
• City and State Programs •
• Films, TV, videos •
• More •

Public education on climate science has become a key component of the major science conferences. For example:
2007 AAAS and 2006 AGU.

The Third Annual Conference was quite successful.

ClimateChangeEducation.Org will bring to this year's CCC Conference the latest and finest of education programs available in California.

As at last year's conference, the education tables/booth will be a great place to network and discuss the building of partnerships in science education -- between researchers, educators, government agencies, and NGO's.

Education programs to be highlighted follow those in the
Calif. Climate Change & Energy
--Education Resources Catalog.

Slideshow of images of the
2006 conference.
Conference Begins at 9am
on Monday September 10th


James Hansen of NASA, in opening of 2006 conference keynote speech:
"We must bridge the vast gap between what scientists know
and what the public understands."

Presentations in the main ballroom at the 2006 3rd Annual Conference

Registration fees: General audience -- $100.
Local, State, and Fegeral Agency Employees -- $75. 
 Students and Postdoctoral researchers -- only $20.
Space is very limited -- best to register before late August.

Sacramento Convention Center:  Home Page
Floor Plan: Conference in Exhibit Hall E    Specifications (pdf)
General Sessions: Rooms 202-204       Lunch Sessions: Exhibit Hall E