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California Climate Change Conference
State of California Programs
2008 Photos -- Sacramento, September 8-10
  California Climate Change Conference
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For third year,
exhibits organized by
docents of California's
Science Museums:
At no cost to the state.

Climate Champs
with ClimateChangeEdu.Org
at Earth Day 2008,
for their first
public appearance

State publications
utilized by our educators

Annual Conference:
Scientists, Educators, Government Agencies,
and Public Outreach
Come Together

Conference Held
1 block from State Capitol

Work of ClimateChangeEdu.Org volunteers nominated for Governor's Environmt'l
and Economic Leadership Award, 2008.

Air Resources Board Education and Public Outreach Programs:
Climate Champions and Cool California

Annalisa Schilla, Ph.D Climate Change Scientist and Program Director
with poster on Cool California Calculator

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, ARB!
For sharing large screen monitor with rest of the conference
It made such a difference

And the press appreciated it too.

Office of the Governor
Environmental Leadership Awards Program

Flex Your Power
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Energy Efficiency Helps Combat Climate Change
ClimateChangeEducation.Org Honored for Leadership in Education

Bay Area Air Quality Management District

ClimateChangeEducation.Org Volunteer
Receives 2004 Clean Air Champion Award

Exhibits: Education and Public Outreach

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