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California Climate Change Conference
Hands-on Science Demonstrations
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2008 Photos -- Sacramento, September 8-10
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At the 2006 conference,
Dr. Pachuari asked to
help California share this science demonstration
with kids all over the world. Shall we work with him
on that?
We would love to!

Regular Program
at California
Academy of Sciences
since 2004

For third year,
exhibits organized by
docents of California's
Science Museums:
At no cost to the state.

Climate Champs
with ClimateChangeEdu.Org
at Earth Day 2008,
for their first
public appearance

State publications
utilized by our educators
alongside hands-on

Annual Conference:
Scientists, Educators, Government Agencies,
and Public Outreach
Come Together

Conference Held
1 block from State Capitol

Work of ClimateChangeEdu.Org volunteers nominated for Governor's Environmt'l
and Economic Leadership Award, 2008.

Californian's  given the opportunity to team up as climate scientists -- ages 6 to 106
Highly requested by parents, families and K12 teachers and principals.

Global Warming Discovery
This particular hands-on demonstration has been preformed with tens of thousands of Californian's by the volunteers of ClimateChangeEducation.Org.
It is a regular feature at science centers and museums, including:
California Academy of Sciences, The Tech Museum of Innovation, The Exploratorium, Chabot Space and Science Center and Lawrence Hall of Science.
It regularly travels to K-12 Schools, University of California classes on energy,
conferences, teachers trainings and many forms of large public events.

Proudly working alongside Magic Planet.
Designed to complement museum exhibits and other programs

Office of the Governor
Environmental Leadership Awards Program
Nominated for 2008 Award:
Leadership in Children's Education

Flex Your Power
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Energy Efficiency Helps Combat Climate Change
ClimateChangeEducation.Org Honored for Leadership in Education

Bay Area Air Quality Management District

ClimateChangeEducation.Org Volunteer
Receives 2004 Clean Air Champion Award

For work at science museums in climate change,
using hands-on science tools and portal websites.

AAAS Conference
Events Held for Teachers,
Families, Kids, Students
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