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At AAAS Conference:
Family Science Days
Global Warm'g Discovery

Professional Development
400+ teachers in 2005:
provides hands-on
labs and demos for
California Academy
of Sciences,
UC Berkeley and
Oakland Museum
of California.
Teacher Continuing Ed
Climate Change
Steve Schneider
Keynote Speaker

The science isn't scary.
But ignorance and failure
to act on science is.

America's online library
for Education &
Research in Science,
Technology, Engineering,

Live Web Seminars -- presented by NSTA & NOAA
Search by topics -- webinars and podcasts:
climate change     global warming
energy     ocean acidification    sea level rise
climate literacy
hands-on climate change science labs demonstrations
climate change investigation and experimentation

Free! To register
Yes, these are open to educators outside the United States
US National K12 Standards Correlation
Level: Middle School, High School, Informal Education

National Science Teachers Association Conferences
Held in March 2011: National Conference: San Francisco
Over 60!: Workshops, Presentations, & Symposia on
Climate Change
: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Registration   Exhibitors   Session Scheduler
Meetings of Lifelines for High School Climate Change Education teachers
Mobile Climate Science Labs :
presenting in several sessions.
National and Area Conferences
State and Province Chapters [most with their own annual conferences]
For example: California Science Teachers Association
Colorado Association of Science Teachers
Saskatchewan Science and Mathematics Student Teachers' Society
Associations and Groups: e.g. NESTA

NSTA Learning Center web seminar series
National Science Teachers Association (USA)
Earth & Space Science   Physical Science
Life Science   History and Nature of Science   Science and Technology
    Science as Inquiry   Personal and Social Issues   
Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network
Webinars for secondary level science educators

Mobile Climate Science Labs
Serving thousands of teachers and schools
in Northern California

Teacher Professional Development

Hands-on Science Resources
for Schools Around the World

Labs and science demonstrations   
hands-on science demonstrations and activities
hands-on science curriculum

Assisting teachers and schools in delivering engaging science content
Presentations at:   • Conferences    • District-wide PD events
  • Professional Learning Communities (PLC)'s   • PD events for public and private schools.
 • Universities & community college programs-- for future & current credentialed teachers
 • As part of science museum and aquarium field trips
 • In school classrooms & labs, and/or outdoors on school grounds --
presenting alongside/with teachers & teacher aides (sharing on-the-job experience).

Also offering incredible, almost unique skill-building environments:
Teachers and student teachers join us, in our very popular booths,
at public events and conferences to practice the art and science of
presenting hands-on labs and demonstrations.

Educators typically lead hands-on learning environments for dozens,
even hundreds of kids -- who are also students in the desired target
grade levels. All in few hours. Among the perks: lots of smiling thank yous.
This happens working alongside climate science & hands-on specialists.
Very supportive, forgiving, sharing. An unbeatable experience.
Designed for the kind of teachers that students and parents love
Continuing education units, stipends available.
Outstanding, true hands-on learning -- for students and teachers!

Specialists in providing investigation and experimentation state content standards

National Association of Geoscience Teachers
October 8, 2011 - held at the GSA Annual Meeting: Minnesota
Workshop 519B. Teaching Climate Science with Active Learning Strategies
Karin Kirk, Science Education Resource Center; Susan Buhr, CIRES

Teacher's Website developed for Copenhagen Conference
[UN Climate Change Conference (COP15) -- Held December 2009]
While governments failed to work together for the common good,
teachers around the world have now joined together as never before
Thank you, Denmark government and for supporting educators!:
Partners in building the International Climate Science Education Portal
Highlight Samples    Projects
  Teachers Blog   Student Blog   

Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand    
Courses, Education and Professional Development

NCAR On-Line Education
Introduction to Earth's Climate
Earth System Science: A Climate Change Perspective
Understanding Climate Change Today
   FAQ Page

National Center for Atmospheric Research

NASA Global Climate Change listings of:
Educator Opportunities
Professional development courses,
workshops and resources

For public & private K-12 teachers,
students, parents, administrators
and community members.
8am - 5pm
Mexican Heritage Plaza in San Josť

Teachers: CEU credits available
Last Held:

Featuring Mobile Climate Science Labs          2010 Conference Report

Continuing Education and Professional Studies
University of Colorado, Boulder

Climate Change

Earth System Science Education Alliance (ESSEA)

PBS: STEM Education Resource Center -- Professional Development

California Science Teachers Association
Conference: Oct 21-23, 2011: Pasadena
2010 Highlights -- Climate, Energy, Hands-on: Exhibits
Sessions:  Friday    Saturday

Exclusive on this Website: 2008 Listing of Sessions,
Exhibits and Events Focusing on Climate Change

Lifelines for High School Climate Change Education
Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California / NASA

Professional learning communities, support
for 320 teachers across the U.S.
in teaching climate change education for 2 years.
Now taking applications.

NASA website description
On-line application form   Flyer [1 page pdf]

In partnership with ClimateChangeEducation.Org

7th Annual Summer Math, Science & CTE
Conference for K-14 Teachers & Future Teachers

6th Annual Summer Math, Science & CTE
Conference for K-14 Teachers & Future Teachers

Held June 1 and 2, 2011
Main Campus, City College of San Francisco

With Mobile Climate Science Labs Professional Development
Presented by CCSF, SFSU, SFUSD

Will Steger Foundation
Especially strong in Language Arts, Writing, Reading --Stories
Arctic-Antarctic: Resources   Expeditions   About WSF
     Emerging Leaders Program
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GCCE Awardee Projects (just a few examples)
2008: Climate Change Educator Professional Development Network
Roberta Johson -- UCAR [now at NESTA]
Article--Nov '09: NASA Grant To Fund Online Professional Development
for Climate Change Education

Dickinson College

NSF Grant Examples
Climate Change Education (CCE):
Climate Change Education Partnership (CCEP) Program, Phase I (CCEP-I)

IGCCE Grants -- solicitation closed [Mar 18, 2011],
now in selection process

Innovations in Global Climate Change Education
Call for reviewers (old)

Examples of Past Teacher Professional Development
Conferences and Events

2007 AAAS Conference
Meeting for 1500 educators
on climate change.
With hands-on science

For Teachers Grades 5-8
The CO2 Story -- Connecting with Climate Change
Birch Aquarium and Sally Ride Science
March 1, 2008-- La Jolla (San Diego)

• Past Workshops Franklin Institute -- Philadelphia, PA USA
  Homeschool Series at The Franklin Institute

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