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Teacherscop15 -- Climate Change Ed. Blog for Teachers
UN Climate Change Conference (COP15)
in Copenhagen, December 2009

Student Blog   

Rapid response comments by scientists on breaking news stories
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Planet Restart
Blog   International Area Studies
A place for parents and educators to learn more about climate change
Links to educational resources
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Climate Ark's Blog
News, analysis and links emphasizing abrupt
climate change & sufficient responses by Dr. Glen Barry.
The Earth's oldest climate blog -- since 2003.

Earth Future -- Solutions for the Planet
Author: Guy Dauncey
Guy Dauncey: speaker, author, and organizer working to develop a positive
vision of a sustainable future, and to translate that vision into action

Climate & Energy   


Green Guide for Kids
Activities    Art    Carbon Emissions
Classroom projects    CO2    Energy    Games
Get Involved    Global Warming   Solutions

Kids and the Environment    Teaching Green

Daily Planet Media
Global Warming, Climate Change Daily News Updates
Sustaining Earth   • Climate Change   • Extreme Weather
Earth Charter Foundation

Grist - Climate Change & Energy
Age of Stupid
Wired Blogs

World leading university program in climate education and outreach, resources
About     Univ. of Colorado at Boulder -- Office of University Outreach     Continuing Ed

Nine Billion People. One Planet.
Reporter Andrew C. Revkin examines efforts to
balance human affairs with the planet’s limits.
Finding Meaning in Arctic Ice
Updates on Warm Seas and Arctic Ice (with video)
The (Not So) Hidden Costs of Crude
Climate as Art: What’s Your Review?

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