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National Park Service
Regional Studies
Many of these resources are designed to assist NPS interpretive rangers
Climate Change in National Parks (pdf, 2 pages)
Climate Change in Rocky Mountain National Park:
Preservation in the Face of Uncertainty
(pdf, 22 pages)
Climate Change and Impacts to Resources around the Great Lakes (pdf)

Impacts of Midwest Warming (pdf, 2 pages)
Yellowstone Research and Issues: Climate Change (pdf, page 16 of 42)

NPS: Climate Friendly Parks
"Climate change challenges the very foundation of the National Park
and our ability to leave America’s natural and cultural
heritage unimpaired for future generations
Outreach Materials for Interpretive Rangers
Flash cards, trail talks, brochures, toolkits, calculators, classroom activities,
posters, presentations.
Science and Impacts Resources
What Parks and Visitors Can Do
-- Glacier NP --
Glacier Visitor Guide, Summer 2008 (pdf, 16 pages)
Page 8 : "Climate Change in Glacier"
Classroom Visit on Glacier & Climate Change (pdf, 2 pages)
"Engage your students in how climate change is affecting Glacier. Geared
toward upper elementary and secondary school students."
Workshop for teachers
Climate change mandates: Executive Order 13514 on Federal Sustainability,
Secretarial Order 3289, and What They Mean for NPS
-- Yosemite NP --
Yosemite Climate Action Plan (pdf, 8 pages)
Parks as Classrooms, including Climate Change program

NPS: Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Climate Change and the Golden Gate
Primer on climate change and park Climate Change Action Plan
Threats to the Golden Gate
Spreading the Word on Climate Change
Golden Gate: Climate Change and Western National Parks

Mobile Climate Science Labs
Working with the NPS -- bringing hands-on science to the American public
K-12 Schools; Public Events; Aquariums, Museums, and Science Centers;
Teacher Professional Development; Conferences;Universities;Business; Government

Crissy Field

San Francisco Presidio

Teaching Climate Change in Your Classroom
June 2011    1033 Fort Cronkhite Sausalito
  Headlands Institute   
Partner with National Park Service
Includes version of hands-on science demonstration developed by for use by teachers.

National Parks Conservation Association
Unnatural Disaster: Global Warming and Our National Parks
Full report (pdg, 48 pages)
Full color brochure version: what you can do, impacts per park (pdf, 2 pg)
Park Stories: Joshua Tree NP, impacted by climate change (podcast)
Clean Air and Climate Change Activity Booklet (grade 4-8) (pdf, 20 pages)

National Resources Defense Council

National Parks In Peril: The Threats Of Climate Change
Full report
(pdf, 68 pages)

California State Parks
Statement from Director Ruth Coleman (2007):
importance of climate change education (pdf, 2 pages)
"Cool Parks" initiativeMontana de Oro State Park Solar Installation Boosts
Green Jobs While Reducing Carbon Footprint

Climate Change And The Role Of Public Lands (pdf, page 4 of 15)
Climate Change Issues at China Camp State Park

The National Parks - A Film by Ken Burns
Premiered on PBS Septemer 27, 2009
TV Schedules
Streaming clips and full episodes

US Forest Service
Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC)

National Parks of the United States
Climate Change in National Parks -- brochure [2 pg pdf]
Impacts: Rocky Mtn. NP (pdf, 22 pp)   Yellowstone (pdf, p. 16 of 42)
Climate Friendly Parks: Science, impacts  Glacier NP Guide (pdf, p. 8 of 16)
Teaching: Workshop for teachers   Spreading the Word (park rangers)
NPCA: Unnatural Disaster: Global Warming and Our National Parks

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