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How We Know What We Know
About Our Changing Climate:
Scientists and Kids Explore Global Warming

Text Book -- by Lynne Cherry and Gary Braasch
Order On-Line       Cover Photo
Teacher Guide

NCAR/UCAR -- Middle School Level
Windows to the Universe - Climate Change, Intermediate
Climate Discovery, an Online Course Series for Teachers ($$)
Climate Discovery Teachers' Guide
Scientists Discuss Global Warming & its Impacts (streaming video)
In a New Light: The Color of Weather & Climate
(color PDF, 6.8 mbytes)

NCAR/UCAR -- All K12 Levels
What is Climate and Climate Change?
How do we know Earth is warming now?
Understanding Climate Change Multmedia Gallery
Climate Research FAQs
Climate Change Popular FAQs
Climate Change Modelling Graph
Climate & Global Change Image & Multimedia Gallery

NSDL Search -- Middle School + ...:
carbon dioxide emissions   climate change   climate science   global change
   global climate change   global warming   greenhouse effect   heat trapping  
ocean acidification   sea level rise

Climate Change Schools Project   
Introduction    Partners/Supporters   Video
Newsletters (school examples and photos)
SLCNE Portal pages    Large pdf's:  Brochure   In the News
Thank you Science Learning Centres Portal    

What Are Global Warming and Climate Change?
Answers for Young Readers

By Chuck McCutcheon
Middle Schools    In question and answer style.

To purchase:
Sample of book    
Chuck McCutcheon on LinkTV
National Science Teachers Association Review

Polar Sciences Collection
Scores of Videos
Lesson Plan: Melting Ice
Student Activity: Observing Climate Change

Annenberg Media -- Teacher Resources
The Habitable Planet: A Systems Approach to Environmental Science
Videos may be viewed for free. Must register.
Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Harvard University Center for the Environment   
Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network
About   CLEAN Team   Review Process
Teaching Climate Science and Energy Awareness
Educational Resources: Search the CLEAN Collection
CLEAN Community:    Events   Webinars for secondary level science educators

The Science of Global Warming
Content -- with movie clip overview
    Flyer (pdf -- see page 7)
Pricing and Ordering
Seeds Software -- San Diego, California, US

The European Commission
How can you control climate change?
Understanding Climate Change
EU Action Against Climate Change (multiple languages)
For Schools
Teenagers from 21 EU Member States Give Animated Tips
Test Your Knowledge - Quiz! 
Your Action Counts   
News, Media   Grants   Documents   Forum  

World leading university program in climate education and outreach, resources
About     Univ. of Colorado at Boulder -- Office of University Outreach     Continuing Ed
For Educators   
Model Lessons:   Evidence of Climate Change [Middle School]
    Mountain Pine Beetles [Grade 9-12, Middle]     Zoo Poo [Grade 10,11,12]

Teacher Tested On-line Resources
Conservation and Solutions    Climate Change - The Science and Data
Curriculum and Lessons    Pine Bark Beetles

Union of Concerned Scientists - for Educators
Material for Educators - Curriculum Guides, Toolkits

Climate Status Investigations -- Interdisciplinary
Economics and Emissions -- Grades: 5-8
Opinion Activity -- Grades: 5-8
Watt's Up? -- Grades: 5-8
Geologic Sequestration -- Grades: 5-8
Oceanic Absorption & Sequestration: 5-8
Terrestrial Sequestration: -- Grades:   5-8

Climate Classroom
What's Up with Global Warming?
Teacher Guidelines
Global Warming Slideshow & Presenter's Guide (PPT and pdf)

TELS - Technology Enhanced Learning in Science
Curricula Modules for Middle and High School
Global Warming: Virtual Earth

• Past Workshops Franklin Institute -- Philadelphia, PA USA
  Homeschool Series at The Franklin Institute
• Center for Improved Engineering and Science Education (CIESE)

• Environmental Literacy Council -- Air and Climate -- Middle School
NAAEE Links on Air and Climate
Teachers' Guide to High Quality Educational Materials
   on Climate Change and Global Warming

Center For Teacher Success
Global Climate Change Academy Team Projects
Lesson Plans for:   Middle School

Multiple subjects -- from teachers in Arizona (USA)    

K-12 Level --By Subject
Lesson Plans, Class Topics, Student Projects


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Teacher Training, Professional Development    California
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