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Global Warming: Understanding Greenhouse Gases
Physics, Physical Sciences; Earth Sciences: Grades 8-12, Undergrad.
Content -- with movie clip overview    
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Climate Status Investigations -- Science
Developing Models -- Grades:  5-8   9-12
CO2 and Mass -- Grades:  5-8   9-12
Trapping CO2 -- Grades: 5-8   9-12
Too Cool for School GHG Experiment: 5-8   9-12
Geologic Sequestration -- Grades: 5-8   9-12
Oceanic Absorption & Sequestration: 5-8   9-12
Terrestrial Sequestration: -- Grades:   5-8   9-12
Dr. Climatic 9-12
Eating Up Energy 9-12

Resources above available as Word docs and as Pdfs.
A few are also available in Powerpoint

National Science Education Standards Key (USA) Standards Key -- Grades:   5-8   9-12

Mobile Climate Science Labs
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Hands-on Science Resources
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Labs and science demonstrations   
hands-on science demonstrations and activities
hands-on science curriculum

Engaging students in the science specified in state content standards
High School Physics (Grades 9-12) [pdf]
Investigation and Experimentation for Grades 9-12
Physical Sciences Grades K-8:    K   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8
Outstanding, true hands-on learning -- Investigation and Experimentation

University of Colorado

PhET Interactive Simulations
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Available in many languages (not just English)
Recommendation sent to us by Stephanie Chasteen, Ph. D. Univ of Colorado, Boulder

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