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Excellent case studies in the intersection of
science and history.

History of Global Warming Science
Marvelous examples in science and history in general.
Original articles from 1824 - 1995,
with essays by Dr. James R. Fleming
Fourier, Arrhenius, Tyndall, Lorenz, Keeling,
Hansen, Santer and many other science pioneers.
Classic Articles in Context -- subject : Global Warming

Papers featured on   

The Discovery of Global Warming
History of how scientists came to (partly) understand
what people are doing to cause climate change.

By Spencer R. Weart 

Timeline on Climate Change
History: 1800 to the present.
Planetary Studies Contribution to CC Science
James Croll: astronomical theory of climate change
Biographies of Scientists and Decision Makers
   Recommended Further Reading Encyclopedia of
Earth: Climate Change Collection

Climate Change Wales:
  Climate Change Timeline

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