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Climate Status Investigations -- Writing
The Great Climate Change Debate -- Grades: 5-8 9-12
Identify the 3Es of sustainability -- Grades: 5-8 9-12
Investigate causes, mitigations -- Grades: 5-8 9-12
Positive, negative aspects of conflict -- Grades: 5-8

Resources above available as Word docs and as Pdfs.
A few are also available in Powerpoint

National Science Education Standards Key (USA) Standards Key -- Grades:   5-8   9-12

Teaching Thoreau's Walden as relevant to
Global Warming Solutions

Bill McKibben on Thoreau and Global Warming Solutions
"Walden Warming"
“Economy”: Chapter 1 of Thoreau’s Walden, abridged from 70 to 20 pages

Contributed as a Focus the Nation resource by Steven Marx,
English Professor, Cal Poly, SLO

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