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Algebra -- Calculating Sea Level Rise
Will Oceans Submerge Everything?
Jean-Marc Jancovici

Graphing and Numerical Calculations -- Carbon Mitigation
Stabilization Wedge Game - with lesson plan
Princeton University

Algebraic Modelling -- Wildlife Populations
Climate, food, density and wildlife population growth rate
University of Canberra, Australia

K-12 Math to Go: Ready-Made Problems

Energy Balance of the Surface of Early Planets, Radiative Equilibrium Temperature, and Natural Greenhouse Gases
Calculate CO2 emissions in your community
Calculate Personal Carbon Emissions
Calculate Energy Consumption for Different Countries
Create Personal Emissions Decision Grid
Calculate Sea-Level Rise when Ice Melts
Cars and Global Warming
Calculate Ecological Footprint of Fossil Fuel Use

University of Colorado

PhET Interactive Simulations
Sim. Library   New Releases   By Grade Level
Biology     Chemistry    Earth Science    Math
Physics      Cutting Edge Research     For Teachers

Available in many languages (not just English)
Recommendation sent to us by Stephanie Chasteen, Ph. D. Univ of Colorado, Boulder

Climate Status Investigations -- Math
Let The Chips Fall Where They May -- Grades:  5-8   9-12
Triangle Triage -- Grades:  5-8   9-12
Economics and Emissions -- Grades: 5-8   9-12
Opinion Activity -- Grades: 5-8   9-12
Watt's Up? -- Grades: 5-8   9-12
Personal Emissions Calculator -- Grades: 5-8   9-12
Resources above available as Word docs and as Pdfs.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) (USA) Standards Key -- Grades:   5-8   9-12

Redefining Progress
Calculating the Footprint of Nations
Effects of Global Warming on the State of California
Climate Change in California: Health, Economic, Equity Impacts

(with graphical and numerical analysis)

K-12 Sources: Design Your Own Problems

Table of Per Capita World Carbon Emissions
Highest Emitting Power Plants in the World - Map
Carbon Dioxide Emissions From Power Plants Rated Worldwide
Carbon Storage of Forests
How Many Trees Would You Need to Plant to Offset Your Carbon Emissions?
Carbon Emissions Worksheet

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