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Physical Sciences

Global Warming: Understanding Greenhouse Gases
Physics, Physical Sciences; Earth Sciences: Grades 8-12, Undergrad.
Content -- with movie clip overview    
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High School Lesson Plans  
Climate Chnge North -- Canada

Climate Status Investigations -- Science
Developing Models -- Grades:  5-8   9-12
CO2 and Mass -- Grades:  5-8   9-12
Trapping CO2 -- Grades: 5-8   9-12
Too Cool for School GHG Experiment: 5-8   9-12
Geologic Sequestration -- Grades: 5-8   9-12
Oceanic Absorption & Sequestration: 5-8   9-12
Terrestrial Sequestration: -- Grades:   5-8   9-12
Dr. Climatic 9-12
Eating Up Energy 9-12

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National Science Education Standards Key (USA) Standards Key -- Grades:   5-8   9-12

Mobile Climate Science Labs
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Hands-on Science Resources
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Labs and science demonstrations   
hands-on science demonstrations and activities
hands-on science curriculum

Engaging students in the science specified in state content standards
High School Chemistry (Grades 9-12) [pdf]
High School Physics (Grades 9-12) [pdf]
Investigation and Experimentation for Grades 9-12
Physical Sciences Grades K-8:    K   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8
Outstanding, true hands-on learning -- Investigation and Experimentation

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University of Colorado

PhET Interactive Simulations
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Available in many languages (not just English)
Recommendation sent to us by Stephanie Chasteen, Ph. D. Univ of Colorado, Boulder

California Academy of Sciences
Activity / Demonstration: Melting ice, Sea Level Rise.
Global Climate Change and Sea Level Rise
Grades 3, 5, 8 Physical Sciences-- California state content standards
States of Matter, Making Predictions, Drawing Conclusions, Collecting Data, Buoyancy
Crediting student creator: Developed off of science fair project created by volunteer and middle school student Patrick Weston.
Presented at AAAS Conference in 2007

Also presented as a hands-on demo theme since 2008.

Article in Scientific American
The Physical Science behind Climate Change -- October 6, 2008
Why are climatologists so highly confident that human activities are dangerously
warming Earth? Members of the IPCC, the 2007 peace winner, write on climate change

World leading university program in climate education and outreach, resources
About     Univ. of Colorado at Boulder -- Office of University Outreach     Continuing Ed
For Educators   
Model Lessons:   Evidence of Climate Change [Middle School]
    Mountain Pine Beetles [Grade 9-12, Middle]     Zoo Poo [Grade 10,11,12]

Teacher Tested On-line Resources
Conservation and Solutions    Climate Change - The Science and Data
Curriculum and Lessons    Pine Bark Beetles

   Lesson Plans and Teacher Guides -- for ages 13-15
Zerofootprint schools

Now on PBS   Lesson Plan [pdf]
Based on shows televised on PBS

"We Have Power"   Renewable Energy
By Elisa Latreille     For Grade 3

How Do Greenhouse Gases Affect Global Warming?
Aileen M. Seshun, and Sherrye Pollard

"Fuelling interest: climate change experiments" 
By Dudley Shallcross, Tim Harrison, Steve Henshaw and Linda Sellou
Thank you Science in School -- EIROforum

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