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World leading university program in climate education and outreach, resources
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Model Lessons:   Evidence of Climate Change [Middle School]
    Mountain Pine Beetles [Grade 9-12, Middle]     Zoo Poo [Grade 10,11,12]

Teacher Tested On-line Resources
Conservation and Solutions    Climate Change - The Science and Data
Curriculum and Lessons    Pine Bark Beetles

NASA: Global Climate Change

Mobile Climate Science Labs
Serving thousands of teachers and schools
in Northern California

Teacher Professional Development   

Hands-on Science Resources
for Schools Around the World

Labs and science demonstrations   
hands-on science demonstrations and activities
hands-on science curriculum

Engaging students in the science specified in state content standards
High School Earth Sciences (Grades 9-12) [pdf]
Investigation and Experimentation for Grades 9-12
Physical Sciences Grades K-8:    K   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8
Outstanding, true hands-on learning -- Investigation and Experimentation

Union of Concerned Scientists: Earth Sciences
Tropical Deforestation and Climate Change
Renewable Energy Basics

University of Colorado

PhET Interactive Simulations
Sim. Library   New Releases   By Grade Level
Biology     Chemistry    Earth Science    Math
Physics      Cutting Edge Research     For Teachers

Available in many languages (not just English)
Recommendation sent to us by Stephanie Chasteen, Ph. D. Univ of Colorado, Boulder

Climate Status Investigations --
Earth Sciences

Developing Models -- Grades:  5-8   9-12
CO2 and Mass -- Grades:  5-8   9-12
Trapping CO2 -- Grades: 5-8   9-12
Too Cool for School — GHG Experiment: 5-8   9-12
Geologic Sequestration -- Grades: 5-8   9-12
Oceanic Absorption & Sequestration: 5-8   9-12
Terrestrial Sequestration: -- Grades:   5-8   9-12
Dr. Climatic 9-12

NCAR -- Earth Science
Field Guide to: Permafrost Research
Simulating Abrupt Change in Past Climates
Climate Change Modelling

Global Warming: Understanding Greenhouse Gases
Physics, Physical Sciences; Earth Sciences: Grades 8-12, Undergrad.
Content -- with movie clip overview    
Flyer (pdf -- see page 7) Pricing and Ordering

UNEP -- GRID Adrenal -- Climate Graphics
Excellent graphics for presentations, class, student reports
Introduction to Climate Change
Observed Climate Trends
Potential Impacts of Climate Change

Recommended by Karen Nyhus at San Francisco State University

Stanford University -- School of Earth Sciences
Energy and Environment Public Lecture Series

Videos and PDF's
Graphics Very Helpful for Teach in and Class Presentations

Interactive Map: Impacts of Global Warming
Good place for students to start in choosing their
Focus the Nation Class Project

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We are a team of teachers, docents, scientists, engineers, techs, artists, students and parents providing
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and the University of California, we work with hundreds of schools, programs and science institutions around the world
to strengthen the climate education community.  If we should be working with you too, let us know.