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High School Chemistry

Ice Core Samples -- Chemists Needed
Australian Antarctic Division
Obtaining Info from Samples
Long Term Trends-- GHG's over
  tens of thousands of years

The Earth's Carbon Cycle
Carbon Cycle -- Norton Tutorial 4.7
Jpeg Diagram--WGBH/Teacher's Domain

Atmospheric Chemistry
Does the Sun Affect Atmos'c Chemistry?
  --Australian Ant. Div
Airborne Aerosols (satellite data)

CO2 and Infrared Radiation
CO2 Animations and IR -- Widener U., PA.
Animations -- Infrared Absorbtion
   (Choose media at bottom of page)

Too Much CO2 in the Air
What are sources of GHG Emissions?
When does CO2 become a pollutant?
   -- Environmental Chemistry
CO2 Concentrations at Mauna Loa Observ

Atmospheric Temperature
The relation of CO2 and Temperature
  --Video: WGBH/Teacher's Domain
Molecules in Motion -- Java Tool

Ozone and Global Warming
What does ozone have to do with climate

Can CO2 be a pollutant?
Global Warming and CO2 -- Nova video
How Much CO2 is in the Atmosphere?
How CO2 acidification affects coral reefs

Other Greenhouse Gases
Chlorofluorocarbons-- Enviropedia

Spin-Off Science from Climate Research
Atmospheric Oxygen and Climate Chng
  --Carnegie Institute and NASA

Organic Chemistry -- Biofuels
Introduction to the Synthesis of Bio-fuels
Biodeisel: Food or fuel? Lesson Plan
Methane Mitigation Lab

Organic Chemistry -- Petroleum and Coal: Amazing resources. Hundreds of millions of years in the making. Is their best use to burn them -- then gone for ever? Are there alternatives?

More great resources and topics for classes and student projects:
Great Chemistry Related FAQ's
   CO2 Info Analysis Center
Greenhouse Gases -- Academic Kids

Student Research Topic:
How ocean salinity helps drive the warming of Western Europe? -- Why is the UK, for example, currently much warmer than Alaska, but at the same latitude?

Teacher Domain/PBS Resources
Climate Index
WaterCycle All Index

Exploring Windmill Design --Go PBS Video
Windmills: Putting Energy to Work --Lesson
Global Warming-Graph tells the story
Snapshot of US Energy Use
Energy Production
Global Warming: Beyond Fossil Fuels

Earth System:Drought and Air Quality

Antarctic Ice: Sea Level Change
Arctic Climate Perspectives
Climate Change
Earth System: Ice and Global Warming

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