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The Olympics
just get tougher...
and tougher.

Sunday Streets hands-on science Bayview 2011
Global Warming
Hands-on Science
-- by Climate Change

In Museums, Schools,
and Universities.
At Public Events,
Teacher Trainings,
and Conferences.

Tens of thousands
of participants.

America's online library
for education & research
in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics:

Featured Outstanding Government Produced
Educational Resources

Ireland Environmental Protection Agency
Hosts of Tyndall Conference 2011-- 150 Year Anniversary
For Teachers and Schools   For Kids, Students   
Videos   TV   General Audience   Research
See the   page

Portals & Blogs in the International Climate Education Network

Beautiful animated resource for schools -- Biology and Earth Sciences
    Multimedia animation -- Educapoles   

Climate Communication -- Science & Outreach  
Publicizing & illuminating the latest climate research in plain language
Supporting Scientists & Assisting Journalists.
Chalkboard summary diagram -- How to Communicate with Congress
What's New   What's Happening   Affects   What We Can Do
Science Director Richard Somerville Keynote Speaker at Tyndall Conference

Pasco -- Equipment & Instrumentation
Sensors: Carbon Dioxide, IR, Temperature, pH, more.
Processors, displays, analyzers.
Activities, Experiments, Labs, Curriculum, Training
Compatible with equipment already available in
tens of thousands of schools worldwide.
In use, recommended by

CarboEurope / CarboSchools    
Hands-on Activities:   Outdoor    Indoor
Partnerships between climate researchers and secondary school teachers
Materials for Teaching Climate Change Regional Projects
SchoolCO2Web    Partners, throughout Europe
Activity reports Subscribe to newsletter   1 2 3

France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Switzerland

            Skeptical Science      
International team applying real scientific skepticism to examine denier arguments.
Great resource for teachers, parents, and students; classroom and public discussions.
Arguments   Quick access URL's    Smartphone apps!      Book      About
ResourcesGuide   Graphics   Politician quotes: Myth Busters   Links sorted by argument
Translations: content available in over a dozen languages
Examples:  Chinese   Czech    Danish    Dutch    Finnish    French    German    Hebrew
    Icelandic    Italian    Japanese   Norwegian    Polish    Portuguese     Russian   
Slovak    Spanish   Slovene    Thai

Featured New Program: National Center for Science Education
NCSE seeks candidates for Climate Change
Programs & Policy Director
Submit by August 15, 2011. Anticipated start date is mid-September
About NCSE:    FAQ    Video: NCSE and climate change
Examples of NCSE's work in evolution science education welcomes NCSE to the field of
climate change science education.
NCSE: the national leader
for decades in advancing evolution science education in US schools.

Gary Braasch's latest photographs from around the world.
2010: highest increase in greenhouse gases in history   Tuvalu & Kibati   Fiji
Rapid erosion of American shores   Cancun Report   Environmental Photography   

Climate Ark -- Sister Portal Website
New and Cool Links  Impact of Climate Changes
Outstanding in : Policy Actors   News   Advocacy Links

National Parks of the United States
Climate Change in National Parks -- brochure [2 pg pdf]
Impacts: Rocky Mtn. NP (pdf, 22 pp)   Yellowstone (pdf, p. 16 of 42)
Climate Friendly Parks: Science, impacts  Glacier NP Guide (pdf, p. 8 of 16)
Teaching: Workshop for teachers   Spreading the Word (park rangers)
NPCA: Unnatural Disaster: Global Warming and Our National Parks

Feature on NPS programs & resources by

Storms of My Grandchildren
The Truth About the Coming Climate Catastrophe
and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity

New Book, by Dr. James Hansen
America's leading climate scientist.   To order

Changing Planet, Changing Health    
How the Climate Crises Threatens our Health & What We Can Do About It
by Paul Epstein, MD & Dan Ferber
Reviews: 1 2    Published by University of California Press   

United Nations World Environment Day
San Francisco Sunday Streets Celebrates WED
20,000 biking, playing, doing science & art, gathering, sharing...
Photos of San Francisco's WED & Sunday Streets
Celebrations held June 12, 2011


How We Know What We Know
About Our Changing Climate:
Scientists and Kids Explore Global Warming

Book -- by Lynne Cherry and Gary Braasch
Sample Pages       Cover Photo       Teacher Guide

America's Climate Choices:
Study Launched

Understanding and Responding
to Climate Change

2008 Edition Now Available:

Download Booklet (28 pg pdf)
If in U.S., you may order up to 15 copies
NAS's Climate Change Site

Scientific American Magazine -- March 2009
Can "Assisted Migration" Save Species?
How Renewable Energy and Storage Solutions Stack Up
Scientific American Feature Topic: Global Warming

Birch Aquarium at Scripps
Feeling the Heat:
The Climate Challenge

Slideshow of Exhibit   
Be a Volunteer!     Best Bets for More Information

Global Warming: Understanding Greenhouse Gases
Physics, Physical Sciences; Earth Sciences: Grades 8-12, Undergrad.
Content -- with movie clip overview    
Flyer (pdf -- see page 7) Pricing and Ordering


Coastal Impact Study: Nation Under Siege
Sea Level Rise: Widespread Destruction of US Cities
Atlantic City    • Boston   • Galveston    • Honolulu
Miami    • New Orleans    • New York City
Savannah    • San Francisco     • Seattle

Study Summary    Download Report:   Hi Res   Low Res

K-12 Professional Development
2008 & 2009 Schedule On-Line Courses:
Introduction to Earth's Climate
Earth System Science: A Climate Change Perspective
Understanding Climate Change Today
   FAQ Page

National Center for Atmospheric Research

Your Climate, Your Future
15 Lesson Plans for Grade 9-12

Lesson 13: Stabilization Wedges Game (17 pg pdf)
Download All 15 Lesson Plans (127 pg pdf).
To order complimentary printed copy
Prepared by: Global Warming 101, UCS, PEI and CMI

Hands-on Science Demonstrations and Activities
K-12 Schools; Public Events; Aquariums, Museums, and Science Centers;
Teacher Professional Development; Conferences;Universities;Business; Government

Mobile Climate Science Labs    
hands-on climate science
hands on science activities

NOAA,  IGLO,  US Forest Service

The Essential Principles
of Climate Science

14 Page pdf
Standards Matrix

   Global Warming Education Video Collection   

Climate Scientist Intro
to Hippoworks Cartoon

Take Aim
At Climate Change

Antarctic Scientist:
"How do we know?"

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