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Past Events

San Francisco
Sunday Streets

Art and the
October 2009 Events

Last Year's
World Environment Day
2009 Host: México

Tribal Lands Conference Photos

Photography Exhibit
AAAS HQ Washington DC

Exhibit for Kids

San Francisco
Sunday Streets

Earth Day 2011 Events
U.S. & Planetwide

Including events in: Berkeley, Los Angeles, Oakland, Roseville, Sacramento,
San Diego, San Francisco, San Rafael, San Jose -- and many more cities

Green Kids Conference    
June 10, 2012 -- 11am to 4pm
Featuring hands-on climate science, climate scientists
Register:    Attendees    Exhibitors    Sponsors
First Conference held June 2011
Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus  Mountain View, California
Videos, photos   More conference photos

Agenda and Exhibitors   About Event Organizers
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Hands-on Science Demonstrations and Activities
K-12 Schools; Public Events; Aquariums, Museums, and Science Centers;
Teacher Professionl Development; ConferencesUniversitiesBusiness; Government

Mobile Climate Science Labs

Earth Hour -- May 31, 2011. World Wildlife Fund

Girl Scouts of America
100th Anniversary
May 5, 2012
With Mobile Climate Science Labs
Examples of GS Nor Cal webpages, programs on climate change: 1 2 3 4

Sunday Streets -- San Francisco -- Photos
Photos: Mobile Climate Science Labs... More
Each June: Celebrating UN World Environment Day
March through October 2012
Creating a safe, fun, car-free place for people to get out and get
active in the neighborhoods -- while taking on global warming.
15,000 to 50,000 participating each event.

Fun, hands-on science with
Videos   Pictures   About
climate change education hands-on science
mobile climate science labs photo

Article in Scientific American

National Climate Seminar
Twice a month, by phone
Call-In Number: 1-712-432-3100;
Conference Code: 253385

Campus2Congress-- held Sept 2010

== Climate Science Conferences ==
For conferences more geared toword the presentation of science
research on climate change and global warming solutions.
And less toward education and public outreach.

Bay Area Science Festival
Featuring the Mobile Climate Science Labs
Discovery Days: festivals of hands-on science!

North Bay: Infineon Raceway Sonoma
AT&T Park – San Francisco Giants Baseball Stadium
California State University East Bay

See also
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Events & Conferences: California   Kids

Recent Events

COP17 Conference -- Durban, South Africa -- 28 Nov- 12 Dec 2011
COP 17 CMP 7   Event Greening   Durban Info   Site Map   KwaZulu-Natal Province
Communication & Awareness -- for residents of Durban
Venue: International Convention Centre (ICC) & Durban Exhibition Centre (DEC)   

South African Civil Society Committee for COP17
April, 2011 Invitation  

NASA/JPL Climate Day 2011: October 14
NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory-- Climate Day 2010
Students, teachers, families, scientists, press
Held March 26 and 27, 2010
Pasadena Convention Center: Conference Center Lower Level
 Map       Flyer      Nasa/JPL Site

Hands-on science demonstrations, exhibits, talks by scientists, animations
competitions, career information, teacher and community resources,
Town Hall Meeting.

40th NAAEE Annual Conference
North American Association for Environmental Education
October 12-15, 2011 Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, US
Exhibits   Registration   Program   Sponsors   About NAAEE
2012 Conference: October 10-13 -- Oakland, California

Moving Planet    
September 24, 2011
Espanol   Português   Français   Deutsch
Worldwide rally demanding solutions to the climate crisis.
Come on bike, on skates, on a board, or just on foot.

Teachers, Students, Scientists, Families
Major event in San Francisco, with science educators
providing fun labs with climate change evidence.

Video   About    FAQ    Find an Event

Green Kids Conference    
First Annual Conference held June 18th, 2011

See the event photos

Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus  Mountain View, California
Agenda and Exhibitors   About Event Organizers
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United Nations World Environment Day
Celebrated in early June
Español    Français   Chinese   Korean   Portugués
View activities by country [enter country in scroll menu]
Activities world map
San Francisco Sunday Streets Celebrates WED
20,000 biking, skating, dancing, doing science & art, sharing...
India: 2011 Host Country
Past years, hosted by: 2009 México    2008 New Zealand
    2007 Norway    2006 Algieria    2005 San Francisco (U.S.)

Theme in 2009 was: "Your Planet Needs You--
UNite to Combat Climate Change"

Climate Week -- a National Occasion
Held 21-27 March 2011   
Supporters:  Education    About:    News    FAQ

NSTA: National Science Teachers Association
Held in March :National Conference: San Francisco
Over 60! -- the # of: Workshops, Presentations, & Symposia
on Climate Change
: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Sessions with hands-on climate science
Registration   Exhibitors   Session Scheduler
Future National and Area Conferences
Meetings of Lifelines for High School Climate Change Education teachers
Mobile Climate Science Labs --presenter in several sessions

Some of 2010's Events -- 10/10/10 [ held October 10, 2010 ]  
Resister  Map
Saturday Work Party: Building Tools
for Schools -- Climate Change Science Evidence

Last year's photos: 1  2  3  Video: worldwide 350's

350 of the Species Threatened by Global Warming
Mammals   Birds   Fish


AAAS's Family Science Days
America's Finest Annual Hands-on Science Event, NCAR, NASA
California Center for Sustainable Energy
Birch Aquarium, Hippo Works Animation
Featuring Pasco Scientific and Vernier Software & Technology
With guests from Climate Literacy Conference
Creating Climate Change Art -- with art instruction

Live Web Seminars--presented by NSTA & NOAA
Climate Change Impact Series -- Topics:
Eastern US RegionalWestern US Regional
CoralsMonitoring from Space
• Arctic Marine Biological System • Ocean Acidification
• Sea Level Rise • Marine Mammals • Marine Fisheries

Series ran from Nov. 2009 thru Sept. 2010
Free. Registration
Yes, these were open to educators outside the United States
US National K12 Standards Correlation
Level: Middle School, High School, Informal Education

In Copenhagen & around the world: Educators, scientists and kids -- leading
by example in international cooperation. Advancing climate education.

This has been the COP15 -- Educators Connection Hub
   COP 15 Teachers' Programs   
   Highlights     Projects   Teachers Blog   Student Blog
In partnership with ClimateChangeEducation.Org

COP15 main site: After the meeting of governments    Webcasts
We've been following correspondent and photographer in Copenhagen: Gary Braasch

Copenhagen Conference: Children's Climate Forum
Held late Nov to early December 2009
City Hall of Copenhagen, Denmark.
180 kids, ages 14-17.
From 42 different countries. 2-5 per country

Forum Event Webpage   

Annual Events -- beyond the above

Earth Day 2011 Events
U.S. & Planetwide

Including events in: Berkeley, Los Angeles, Oakland, Roseville, Sacramento,
San Diego, San Francisco, San Rafael, San Jose -- and many more cities

Summer Institute for Climate Change Education
Live Webinar [must register to view]
8:30pm-4:30pm US Central Time (GMT -6)
August -- onsite at University of Minnesota
Will Steger Foundation    

Geneva Forum on Social Change 2011
1-2 April, 2011
University of Geneva Uni-Mail, Boulevard Du Pont-Arve 40

Films   Workshops    Speakers    About

Examples of Past Events -- More

Boy Scouts of America -- 100th Anniversary Jamboree
Hands-on Climate and Energy Science, NASA, Chabot Space and Science Center,
Solar Schoolhouse, more.    Held April 16 -18, 2010

Largest hands-on science event in Northern California in 2010.
Alameda County Fairgrounds --26,000 attended -- October 24, 2009

See the photos: 1   2   Video: worldwide 350's

New education tool released:
350 of the Species Threatened by Global Warming
Mammals   Birds   Fish

ICE 09 -- Conference: Inspiring Climate Education
Held October, 2009  Copenhagen, Denmark
International Secondary Education Teachers’ Conference
Selected conference presentations to be available on-line soon


UNEP's International Children and Youth Conference.
Biggest-Ever Youth Gathering on Climate Change
Held in Daejeon, Republic of Korea -- August 2009.
Less Talk, More Action on Climate Change, Young People Urge


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