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on Climate Change and Global Warming Solutions
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    Adriane Colburn
Arctic Ice     Arctic Suns

In her most recent works, Colburn references systems that we utilize in everyday life, but are largely removed from our consciousness. Sprawling organisms such as urban sewer and water systems and the global network of pipes and refineries that develop and transport oil have been fodder for an investigation of the complex yet base, and at times grotesque, constructs that support modern society.

print & drawing, painting, sculpture, installation

    Rebecca Potts
Glacial Melt
Rebecca Potts is interested in human interaction with land: how we both alter and are altered by the land. Her current work searches for solutions and understanding of climate change. It specifically focuses on water's role in global warming: the melting of glaciers, sea-level rise, and the quickening loss of this blue-gold.
painting, sculpture, video, printmaking & drawing

    Ben Pinder
Return to Symzonia    City State of America
Pinder takes a satirical view of American foreign and environmental policies. His works envision the colonization of Antarctica as temperatures warm to make the continent more livable.
sculpture, drawing, performance