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    Bag Monster Costume
Single-use bags are easy to spoof since they're such a bad idea, so along came Bag Monsters. They feature 500 bags, the average number of plastic bags an American uses yearly. Bag Monsters deny their bags harm the planet and they're mobilizing to "mock" reusable bags.

    Boho Magazine
This is the first green fashion magazine. It is printed on 100% recyclable paper with soy-based inks, and unlike other magazines that have a green theme, this one is devoted entirely to fashion.

    Eco Chick Blog
Starre Vartan founded Eco Chick in October of 2005 with the idea that women who cared about the planet needed a place of their own on the web. At the time, most environmental blogs were guy-oriented, and very serious, and Starre thought that while discussion of scientific issues was important, consumer action would be second only to policy shifts in protecting the environment and creating a more sustainable culture. Enabling individuals to clean up their lives also gives each and every person an opportunity to realize their impact natural environment, a principle imperative to real change.

    DC Goodwill Fashions
Vintage, recycled and second-hand clothing are a huge part of the sustainable style movement. DC Goodwill fashion blog documents the pursuit of high fashion that has been derived from the mother of all second hand stores: The Goodwill!

    Righteous (re)Style
The folks at Righteous (re)Style love all things vintage, second hand, recycled, reloved, repurposed, handmade, local, organic, and ecofabulous.

Another sustainable style blog.

    Etsy Trashion Team
Etsy is a great place to buy handmade things directly from the makers. There are lots of teams on etsy, allowing crafters to join up to market and make collectively. The trashion team is devoted to creating fashion and art out of what some would consider trash. Recycle, upcycle, and reduce all that waste!