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United Kingdom: Direct.Gov.UK

What California Can Do Today

Hippo Works Cartoons
For Kids:
What we can do

Human Sign
on Sandringham Beach, Australia

Able to look past today Maldives Ministers Meet

Argument for action
on global warming

12 year old Severn Suzuki
addresses the UN

Climate Science for
Humanitarian Work
Insights from young scholars

My Climate's YouTube Page

Alec Loorz on CNN
Youngest Al Gore Protege

Al Gore: 15 ways
to avert a climate crisis

Alec Loorz: i Matter
Music Slideshow

EarthDay Television
Chill Out: Campus
Solutions to Global Warming

Universal Language Video

California Climate Champion:
Arielle Gillman

Oak Park News -- 2008

   All Across America -- high school students ask to have the ACE assembly
come to their school.           

I know what's cute.
And what's not.

The ACE presentation --
For the cool schools

Want to be with me? Let's
Crush Global Warming

Canada's Environment Minister commits to climate stabilization

National Teach-in
on Global Warming Solutions

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